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Rotary Opens Opportunities!
Who would have thought when RI President Holger Knaack announced our theme at the International Assembly in January 2020 just what opportunities would be opened!
Who would have thought that the Rotary year of 2020-21 would be opening with so many different challenges, but also with so many opportunities and rewards. There are opportunities to reach out and serve our communities in ways that no-one had ever thought of before. There are opportunities to find new and innovative ways to hold meetings. There are opportunities to be creative in fundraising without adding costs. The list goes on and on.
Through all this we have shown just how flexible and adaptable we can be, and much like the motto of the Post Office, neither snow nor heat nor gloom of night (except in our case it is COVID-19)  will keep us from what we do best, “Service Above Self.” We will continue to face challenges during the start of the 2020-21 year, but our aim is to continue to ‘DOGOODERY” within our District!
As we have moved forward, the class of 2020-21 Presidents have amazed me with their resilience, their enthusiasm, and creativity. I can tell you that this District is in such good hands with these Club Presidents, and I am so very proud and honored,  and yes more than excited, to have the opportunity to work with them and all of you during the 2020-21 year as your District Governor. 
In addition, we also extremely fortunate to have an incredible group of Rotarians who  have stepped forward to take on leadership roles in the District and I am so grateful to them for giving up their time and putting their energies into this very vibrant, busy District.
While we do not currently know which of our planned events we will be able to hold, or indeed what format events will be held in, we are looking to “Grow Rotary” over this year, with ideas abounding from our extremely enthusiastic and energetic leadership teams. We need to continue to demonstrate that we are “People of Action”, that we embrace the challenge of change and we will strive to listen and hear the voices in our communities.
I cannot end without saying a HUGE thank you and so many congratulations to our now IPDG Melody St. John for a job incredibly well done and that Fun Meter must now be thoroughly worn out for a year full of fun and energy!  
-Bette Hall
District Governor, 2020-2021


Rotary: Together against Coronavirus

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