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2003 student exchange group at the Golden Pavilion courtesy of a passerby

The program is open to members of Rotary families, Interactors and Rotaractors ages 15-21 years. A district 5280 club must sponsor each exchange student. The club presidentís signature is required on all applications. Residency within the district is not required but for hosting purposes it is a good idea. 

The trip will start on Monday, June 28 and will last until the end of July. The students will fly to Osaka, which is in southern Japan and tour Kyoto (the former capital), Hiroshima and Nara for 4 days on their way to the host district, 2550 (Tochigi), which is about 50 miles northwest of Tokyo. A chaperone will accompany the students for the first week. The students will stay 5-6 days each with 4 families. The host district will schedule activities almost every day except Sunday and a couple of Saturdays. There will be 10-12 Rotary meetings followed by activities. The activities may range from visiting a Japanese school to making ceramics in Mashiko (a town known for 2 potters who were designated as Japanese National Treasures). There would be trips to an auto racetrack, amusement parks, national parks and temples. The students will see a tea ceremony and learn the basics of meditation.


The trip will end on July 31 with the Japanese students coming to 5280 on the same flight with ours. They will stay 4 weeks. Our students must agree to host two of these students for two weeks and also host summer 2005 students for one week. This obligation can be carried out by any member of the student's family or by any Rotarian in the sponsor club. The host family must provide transportation for the visiting Japanese student to the various events during their stay. The Rotary clubs will arrange transportation back to the host family.


The trip costs about $3000, half of which should be covered by the sponsor club. We will advise the students about spending money during our orientations. We will have 3 orientation meetings to familiarize the students with Japanese customs and language.


Please call Richard Kawasaki at 310-377-3468 (Home) or 310-940-1085 (cell) or for additional information. Applications are available on the District web page and are due March 15, 2004.